Three Reasons to Bid Online – Auctions Are Waiting

If you are an avid auction participant, the idea of taking your interest to the Internet may seem strange. After all, why bid online? Auctions are supposed to be attended, right? Well, yes and no. There is more here than meets the eye.

Convenience versus Attendance

No matter what you collect, from antique silver to sports memorabilia, sooner or later there will be an auction which you desperately want to attend, but can’t. It might be distance that prevents you from getting to the auction, timing, or even a previous engagement, but with online auctions, it just doesn’t matter.

Once you have registered and received permission to bid on a particular auction, you don’t have to be there. You can sit down at your computer, stream the auction live, participate, bid, and triumph without setting foot outside your home. This is particularly wonderful if the auction is taking place several states away. You don’t have to spend a ton of money for travel only to end the day empty handed.

Absentee Bidding Online

Of course, if the real problem is that the auction is taking place when you have another engagement, live bidding won’t work. For this there is absentee bidding. The concept isn’t new – people have used agents at auctions forever – but you never really know if your agent will represent you accurately.

With new software, you can look through an online catalogue, evaluate what you wish to bid upon, and place a maximum bid well in advance of the actual auction. You can do all of this when you have the time and can make a good, rational decision.

Later, when the auction takes place, you have the assurance that your bid will be raised to your maximum limit, automatically. You can check in when you are free to see if you won your item; if successful, shipping arrangements are made and your prize will arrive in due time.

A Broader Selection

If you are like most collectors, you are very much limited by geography at this point. You can plan to attend auctions that are out of state or far away, but it involves a lot of effort. Finding out about smaller auctions may not even be possible. With online auctions you can find out about any advertised auction, browse the catalogue, and make your decisions in leisure.

By accessing more auctions, as you do online, you have a better chance of seeing something special. Your auction house isn’t limited to just the merchandise it has in stock; it can connect and coordinate with many other vendors, providing you with a better selection.

Secure and Safe Transactions

We all hear about security issues that crop up with online purchases – you don’t have to worry when you participate in online auctions. Your information is processed with 128 bit encryption to protect your data from any prying eyes.

Once you take a look at just how many auction houses are turning to online bidding, the advantages will become even clearer. With the convenience, selection, and flexibility offered, it won’t be long before you want to try bidding yourself. Online auction bidding is the best way to expand your collection.

Bid Online Auctions – Silent Vs Live

When participating in bid online auctions, there are different types of auctions to choose from. The two most popular types are online silent auctions and online live auctions. So, what is the difference between the two?

Online auctions have been around for many years and throughout those years they have evolved quite a bit. In a silent auction, like those similar to eBay, bidders primarily bid against other bidders for the items they want. There is usually a set time frame from open to close from which people can place their bids. You register for the auctions through the individual website and payment and shipping can either be arranged through the website or through the seller of the items. This can depend on which auction website you are visiting.

Live auctions online work a bit differently. Like silent auctions, they have bidders that register, but the dynamics of registration, along with how the auction is conducted is not the same. When you are registering for this type of auction, most of the time you will find yourself signing up twice the first time around. The first registration is usually for the website hosting the auction. Once you have been approved through the website you are able to sign up for individual auctions on the site that are hosted by different auctioneers.

When bidding, you will find that the set up is not the same as well. There will be a preview of the items you are looking at, usually the time frame is a couple of weeks. In this time, you can preview and sometimes put absentee bids or maximum bids on these items. You will notice a set time that the auction will start online, which will be the same time that the auction starts live at the site it is being held. Once it has started, you will not only be bidding against other people on the internet, you will also be bidding against people that are live at the auction.

Bid online auctions are fast paced and can be very fun to participate in. The opportunity to find great deals are always available through this type of online auction.

Online Auction Sites – A Brief Overview

Thanks, in part to the online world, much of what we do is changing dramatically. The advent of the internet has changed how we shop, how we sell, and how to do business. It’s altered a great many things that we do. Learning how to work with those changes is sometimes challenging.

Where we once attended a physical auction in order to buy products, today, we may also attend online auctions. These save us time and gasoline, by permitting us to shop online and to get lower prices at the same time. Online auctions help us to buy in new ways, but still to bid for those products that we want and to achieve lower pricing when we win them.

Auction know-how is something not everyone has, because online auctions are things we have not yet explored. Although they’ve been around for a while, older people and typically people who have not used the computer for a long period of time, aren’t entirely sure how to bid at an online auction, or how to use one.

For those people, we’ve offered just a bit of information about online auctions and laid it out so that you know where to look and what to expect once you get there. In no way is the online auction a clone of the physical auction. Online auctions use software to allow you to bid for the products that you want. You’re going to need to get a little bit of auction know how in order to be able to bid. Taking a look at each individual online auction site and scoping out how the software works is necessary. Most of them, thankfully, are not difficult to sort out, once you’ve taken a closer look at how bidding works.

Each of the better online auction sites also have very in-depth methods of helping you to understand how they work. For example, one of the largest of the online auction sites, eBay, offers you a very good look at their software in the help section. It explains how the bidding process is done and what to do once you have won an item in the auction. It will provide you with easy ways to pay for your product and explain the shipping process, as well as what to do if you get an item that is damage or not the same as was described to you.

The full featured and comprehensive kind of auctions that take place on eBay can see you bidding on-and winning-anything from a car to a house, to smaller goods and services. eBay literally sells anything at all. For those who are not familiar with it, it is also affiliated with PayPal, which means that you’re going to be able to make your payments easily and quickly.

eBay is just one example of the online auctions that are available. Specific auctions are available also in the UK. Other auctions include such things as the penny auction, where you will lower the price of goods by sending in incremental bids. Take a good look at what the online world offers you now in terms of auctions. You may never attend another physical auction again.