Bid Online Auctions Vs eBay Auctions

Most people are very familiar with eBay and the type of auctions they run on their website. It is a place where many search for deals on items they want to acquire for their home or for gifts for others. When some speak of bidding on live auctions online they are referring to eBay. There are however, a few differences between an eBay auction and bid online live auction.

Don’t get me wrong, there are similarities between the two. For example, both types of events have bidders, start times and end times. They both allow for you to place maximum bids on items. You can view detailed pictures of items and descriptions online from the comfort of your home.

The true difference between a live bid online auction and an eBay auction is the excitement that happens between the start time and the end time of these events.

In a live bid online auction, there is a set time for which an auction takes place – which is usually a couple of hours long and consists of many hundreds of items. With an eBay auction, there is one item that is up for auction for days or weeks at a time. So, as you can see, the excitement level and pace of a live bid online auctions is much more exciting. You have a few seconds to bid on the item you want versus days or weeks.

With a live bid online auction, you are bidding against online bidders (just like eBay) – however, you are also bidding against people who are actually participating at the physical auction site as well. This is an added dynamic to the auction that can allow for some pretty fierce competition.

One other difference between the two types of auctions is whom you are purchasing your items from. Most live bid online auctions are hosted by auction houses that have been in business for many years and are conducted by professional, licensed auctioneers. With eBay auctions, you are bidding on items that are usually being sold by the general public with no requirements to hold an auctioneer license.

While both types of auctions are effective in getting what you want at a potential discount, only live bid online auctions offer you the excitement of bidding live against other people in a real time bidding event. It’s a great way to get great deals while also having a lot of fun.

A Guide To Online Auctions

Since online auctions hit the world of the internet in around 1995 they have found international popularity and now there are literally hundreds of online auctions from the traditional highest bidder auction to newer more innovative formats such as penny auctions. You can buy almost anything from auctions on the internet including antiques, second hand items and brand new products. So whether you are a buyer or a seller, here’s your quick general guide to online auctions.

Buyers Guide to Online Auctions

Internet bidding sites are great fun and for many people this is a big part of the attraction. Yes you may well get that top notch Smartphone for less than a quarter of its value, but for many users actually winning such an item is just a bonus in what can be an exciting chase to outbid your competitors at the last second!

Before bidding on any item however, here are a few tips that might just come in handy:

1. Online auctions are all different so familiarise yourself with each individual site and their rules and never assume that they all work in the same way. 2. Find out if the site offers buyers protection and discover what the return policy is. 3. Read about the item you are bidding on carefully, especially the small print! 4. If the auction site gives seller ratings then make sure you check these out. 5. Consider how much you are willing to pay for an item and stick with that amount, be prepared to walk away if it goes over your highest offer. 6. Keep your nerve and have fun!

Sellers Guide to Online Auctions

Online Auctions can be a convenient and easy way to turn those unwanted items into spare cash. Some people have even set up online businesses which trade in pre-loved items. It can be a great way of earning a little extra money, but before you start to list those unwanted Christmas presents, read out brief guide first:

1. Be truthful about the item you are selling as some auction sites will list buyers’ feedback and your rating may be affected if you don’t mention flaws or stains, etc. 2. Consider how much the item would cost to post and think about whether or not you would ship anything overseas. Don’t be tempted to hike up postage charges in order to sell something cheaply, buyers can see through this tactic. 3. Use your own photographs and not stock photos. 4. Think carefully about the lowest amount you are willing to accept for the item because if someone bids for that amount, you may be obliged to sell at that amount. 5. Ensure buyers know where they stand with a comprehensive returns policy. 6. Don’t be tempted to take private offers away from the auction site as you won’t then be covered by the online auction protection should things go wrong.

Online auctions are a great way in which to make money and find fantastic bargains! They are also great fun to take part in so keep your cool, follow the rules and you can’t go far wrong!

Participate in Live Online Auctions

What does it take to participate in live online auctions, and how does doing so make your life easier? It helps to understand that an online auction is not the same thing as an auction site such as eBay or Overstock; you are actually involved in a real auction, as it takes place, no matter where it might be held.

Bid Online for Convenience

There are many items for which you can bid online in live proceedings. You can bid on everything from office equipment to fine antiques. That means that if your business needs something or you are a collector, you can find an auction that is designed with your interests in mind.

The great convenience of an online auction is that you save time, money, and frustration. If you have ever attended an auction far from home, you already have an understanding of just how much is involved in bidding in person. You have to travel to the auction site, spend time waiting for the auction to begin, bid against others, and hope that you win.

If you are fortunate enough to place the highest bid, you still have to ship your items and travel back home. Once you add in the costs involved in traveling, the loss of productivity, and potentially food and lodging, losing an auction can be doubly painful. By participating in a virtual sense, you eliminate all of the additional factors and can focus on simply bidding.

On the Internet Live Auctions are Really Live

If you have never taken part of a live internet auction, you will be pleasantly surprised. The process of being approved is painless and quick. Find an auction in which you are interested, apply for approval from the auction house, and plan to be available when your lot is being auctioned.

Check in to the auction about 30 minutes before you expect your lot to be auctioned and view the auction proceedings online. When your item is presented, you bid on your computer and the auctioneer will see your bids and include them just as if you were present. If you win the item, then shipping arrangements can be made. If you don’t win the item, you haven’t spent time and effort attending.

Finding the Items You Want

It really is rather simple to find what you want to bid upon. Once you have registered with your online auction house, all you need to do is browse through their online catalogues or do a smart search; look for a specific item you desire or enter a more general term and see what appears. Either way it won’t take you long to discover something that might be of interest.

Once you have found an item, click on it and investigate it more closely. You can read the detailed description, view the pictures, and even send questions directly to the auctioneers. You can rest assured that you are going to get exactly what you bid on because online auction houses maintain extremely high professional standards.

With live online auctions you no longer have to pass up opportunities to get what you want or need because of distance. The Internet now allows you to participate in any auction that interests you, anywhere around the world, with a few clicks of the mouse.